Call Answering Service

We assist in handling of all incoming calls and messages on your company’s behalf during working hours. Your company is instantly present with a receptionist and without the cost of maintaining a physical office and high staff cost. Answering service number can be used on business cards, letterheads or any other official documents.

Just  *$10 per month for 1 year signup, you will be able to enjoy a Professional answering services.

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  1. Answering Services - 12 Months

    Answering Services - 12 Months


    - S$120 + S$30 refundable security deposit - Only S$10.00 per month Learn More
  2. Answering Services - 26 Months

    Answering Services - 26 Months*


    - S$240 + S$30 refundable security deposit - Only S$9.23 per month Learn More
  3. À la Carte Service Payment

    À la Carte Service Payment


    - À la Carte payment for different services Learn More

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