Paypal / Credit or Debit Card Payment


Step 01 :

Browse and select the product you want to purchase, fill in all the details needed and click the PayPal Check Out button to proceed to payment.

Paypal Payment Step 01

Step 02 : 

After clicking the PayPal Check Out button, you will be lead to this page. Login to your PayPal account, if you wish to make your payment through PayPal or click the Pay with Debit or Credit Card button, if you wish to make your payment through credit or debit card.

 Paypal Payment Step 02

Step 03 :

Fill in all information needed and click the Continue button at the bottom most to complete your order. Your money is not being deducted yet at this moment.

 Paypal Payment Step 03

Step 04 :

After clicking the Continue button, you will be direct to Review Order page. Please select your Shipping Method before you click the ORDER button. Click the ORDER button to complete your order.

Paypal Payment Step 04

Step 05 :

Your order is made successfully and do check your email for the details of order. If you do not see this page, your order is not successfully made and no amount have been deducted from your account. Please try to place your order again or simply call us at 6225 2028 for assistance.

Paypal Payment Step 05