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Company Registration

Setting up a new business venture can be unnerving and thrill at the same time. Many find it bewildered to deal with all the authorities' requirement in the company registration Singapore.

JJ & E being Singapore premier provider specialise for company registration services, have an experience and erudite team offering supportive and personalised service at a value based price for your company registration Singapore.

JJ & E also provides full range of support and advisory in other company corporate services other than company registration to ensure that you comply with Singapore relevant legislative requirements at all times after your company is registered. With the provision of our high quality service, you will be running your business set up in Singapore with ease and growing a sustainable business, knowing that you have a team of renown professionals assisting you with your company registration and administration.

What is an Exempt Private Limited Company?

  • An Exempt Private Company has not more than 20 shareholders and no corporate shareholders. 
  • Whereas, a Private Limited Company has 50 or less shareholders and restricted rights in share transfers.
  • Both must have at least one local director who holds a Singapore Citizenship / Permanent Resident (PRs) or a person who has been issued an EntrePass from the Ministry of Manpower is required.
  • Enjoy the benefit of limited liabilities. Shareholders are not accountable for the company’s debts beyond the amount of share capital contributed.

 What is the benefit of setting up a Private Limited Company?

Company Registration for a Private Limited (PTE LTD) company has multiple benefits such as:

1. Enjoy the benefit of limited liabilities
    • Shareholders are not accountable for the company’s debts beyond the amount of share capital contributed.
    • Limiting your company and personal liabilities.
    • A private limited company can therefore allow you to take a calculated business risk without the prospect of losing any of your personal asset.
2. Separate legal identity 
    • A limited company has its own legal identity. 
    • Third parties contract with the ‘company’ and not the individual directors and shareholders. 
    • Companies survive the death of the owners, and it’s allow changes in the company structure for the directors and shareholders involved with the company.
3. Business credibility
    • Your business is presented as stable, well established with strong financial background and is trustworthy.
    • It gives both suppliers and customers a sense of confidence. Many companies, particularly larger businesses or statutory authority, will not deal with an entity that’s not a limited company.
    • Company registration for a private limited company can therefore open up new business opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available as a sole-proprietorship set up.
4. Tax benefits
    • Sole proprietors and partnerships (so called "self-employed") who derived business income would need to report in his/her personal tax return. Whereas, local companies are taxed on profits that derived in Singapore with a lower corporate tax rate compared to the highest progressive personal tax rate.
    • Singapore government is giving 75% of corporate tax exemption on their first SGD100,000/- profit for each of its first three(3) consecutive years for newly registered Pte Ltd companies.
5. Flexibility in raising new capital
    • Sole-proprietorship or partnerships have to raise new capital from their own resources, whereas private limited company are able to raise capital at any time by issuing new shares. 
    • The new shares can be offered to existing shareholders or new investors.



Duration for
Singapore Company Registration

  • The duration time for the company registration of a Private Limited Company generally take about 2 hours to 2 days subject to ACRA approval (and upon received all duly signed documents) , together with the preparation of company constitution.


Set up Requirement for Company Registration Singapore

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  • One proposed company name
  • Business activities (Maximum 2)
  • Paid up share capital (Minimum SGD of S$1/- per shareholder)
  • Share structure (Details of number of shares issued to each shareholders)
  • One company secretary (Our professional corporate secretary team can act as your company's secretary when you registered with us. Read more about our Corporate Secretary Services)
  • One local registered address for your company registration (Subscribe to our Registered Address Services)
  • Personal particulars of directors and shareholders
    • IC copy for local directors and shareholder or passport copy for foreign directors and shareholder
    • Email address
    • Contact number
  • For foreigners – 1 local director, either a Singaporean, or a Singapore Permanent Resident is required.


Important Note:

  • We need to witness the signing of all documents in our office.
  • Members who are not present or are in overseas, Notary Public is required to witness the signing of all documents.
  • For companies with corporate shareholders, an additional of S$200 is charged.
  • Conversion from Sole-proprietorship to Pte Ltd an additional of S$100 is charged.
  • Company with more than two directors/shareholders, an additional of S$80 is charged per person.



Our attractive Singapore Company Registration package come with the following start up kits (with no additional charges):- 

  • 18 months company secretary / corporate secretary services (worth $600).
  • Appointed and registered in Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) as company secretary for 18 months, which is a requirement under the Companies Act.
  • Company name check online prior to Singapore company registration, and advise instantly on alternative name available.
  • Preparation of company constitution
  • Share certificate 
  • Preparation of resolution for opening of bank account after your company registration Singapore.
  • Company profile (for opening of bank account and etc.)
  • Round self-inking company stamp



Company Registration Promotional Packages

Company Registration Basic Package (for single Singapore local director) start from S$388/- only.


 Kindly refer to our comprehensive Singapore company registration packages below, pick one that best suit your business formation.

Company Registration Basic PackageCompany Registration Starter PackageCompany Registration Premium PackageCompany Registration + Govt Reporting Package

Important Notes:

*  Basic Package is only available for single local (Singapore) director ONLY
**  Eligible for Singapore Citizen/PR, and Foreigner who had Local Nominee Director (either a Singaporean/PR director)

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