Joseph Schooling Win First Gold Olympic Medal of Singapore

Joseph Schooling Win First Gold Olympic Medal of Singapore


On behalf of all of the managements and staffs of JJ & E, together with citizens of Singapore, we send our heartiest congratulations to Joseph Schooling for his historic gold medal win for Singapore in the 100m butterfly!

All of us at JJ & E are overjoyed with his great achievement and will like to share this joy to all!

According to Channel News Asia, the 21-year-old Singaporean touched the wall in 50.39s, nearly one second ahead of a joint-silver finish of 51.14s shared by Phelps, South Africa's Chad le Clos and Hungarian Laszlo Cseh, and smashing the Olympic Games record of 50.58s. To make an achievement so remarkably well at such a young age, all of the hard works, efforts, dedication and enthusiasm that Schooling and his family had put in inspired us to do better and keep moving forward.

Just as PM Lee Hsien Loong said, thank you (Joseph Schooling) for showing us what it means to work hard and never give up on our dreams.

Do you have a dream that yet to achieve? Be inspired and go chase your dream!



Source : Channel News Asia

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